Kauai - The Food

The night we arrived in Hawaii, we were greeted with a bottle of wine in our fridge and a beautiful pineapple. It took several days to work our way through this baby. It got sweeter and sweeter each night.


Most of our meals took place at our gorgeous hotel, The Grand Hyatt. Pretty much every morning I had a veggie omelet and fresh fruit while enjoying this spectacular view.


We'd spend most of our days driving but make frequent stops along the way (like Little Fish Coffee) for beverages and snacks.


Even though we were in the land of Shave Ice (I had to keep reminding myself not to call it "Shaved Ice!") we found ourselves having more of a smoothie/acai bowl craving.


Anake's Juice Bar is located in the back (next to the karaoke machine!) of Kukuiula Market, a family owned market in Koloa. We split a Hulk bowl (green from spirulina and kale) layered with gluten-free granola, which Abe pointed out was inspired by the color of Hulk's shorts and skin. We couldn't stop talking about this lunch. In fact, we went back on our last day right, right before the airport.


Also back there - mason jars filled with homemade chia seed pudding and overnight oats! I felt so at home.


In general, it was so unbelievably easy to eat gluten-free and there was no shortage of amazing produce.


On Wednesdays from 3-6:30pm, the Kauai Culinary Market is hosted at The Shops at Kukuiula. This reminded me a lot of The Grove/Farmers Market in Los Angeles...


...except better. Because Hawaiian Santa.


We had a last-minute dinner there at Merriman's Fish House. The meals were pretty expensive but we made do with a bunch of sides/appetizers - all gluten-free!


Only two dishes were on my Hawaii Bucket List, and they're both brought to you by the letter "P."


Poke (above) which we got from Fish Express, and Poi (below) from Hanalei Taro Company. Both did not disappoint. Poi is kind of bland - with a yogurt consistency - but it tastes great with pork and fish on top! Abe had a veggie burger with taro, too.


For the most part, we would eat snacks for dinner in our hotel room while watching a movie filmed in Kauai. Lots of fresh fruit, mac nuts (as I often heard them called) and local chips. I even had a glass of the aforementioned Pinot Grigio one night.


Here is a little vlog I made on the first day, featuring Fresh Bite Kauai, a food truck. Seriously that salad I ate was one of the best I've ever had. And I come from the land of salads.

Kauai - part 3

For our last full day in Kauai, we drove an hour and a half back up to the North Shore to take a walk. But not just any walk - the Wai Koa Loop Trail is quite possibly the most beautiful 4-mile trek I've ever taken.


So many trees....


...and a beautiful waterfall as well.


Nearby is the Kilauea Lighthouse and Wildlife refuge.


This wasn't really worth the $5 admission fee (Abe and I agreed Maine does lighthouses better) but the views are still spectacular.


Kauai - part 2

We've been on Los Angeles time in Hawaii, which means we're trying hard not to fall asleep at 10pm and waking up before the sun. Lucky for us, there's a beautiful hike near our hotel. Shipwreck Beach Kauai Hawaii

This morning I was a little too tired for an upward climb so we opted for an easy garden tour instead. The self-guided option at McBryde Garden was a perfect hour-long trek.

We went first thing in the morning and pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. Can you picture the brontosaurus walking by?

Speaking of which, things got super Jurassic Park on my first helicopter tour! We went with Jack Harter Helicopters - not cheap but totally worth it. I took a Less-Drowsy Dramamine, wore these Sea-bands for motion sickness, and I felt fine.

Warning though - it can be freezing up there! I can't believe I was in a bikini just yesterday.

jack harter helicopters kauai hawaii

A lot less expensive - Spouting Horn! It's free to visit, and right by the gardens. A fun little stop.

Kauai Part 1, Part 3, and  view the Hawaii highlights on my Instagram Stories.

Kauai - part 1

Aloha!!!! Abe and I are currently taking a much-needed escape in Kauai, Hawaii. It's our first time here. We're never going home.


First on the agenda - BEACH BEACH BEACH. We drove an hour and a half up to Hanalei Beach (above), and hiked out to Queens Bath (below). The hike out to the latter is very slippery and muddy with some weird wobbly parts - make sure to pack some sturdy shoes that you don't mind mucking up.


It was a little rainy today so we put on some more layers and headed to the Kauai Plantation Railway. This 45-minute train ride was so much freaking fun. Tons of fruit trees.


Also, we got to feed bread to baby pigs. I'm still freaking out.


We drove through a lot of cute little towns, but our favorite was Hanapepe, home of Lilo and Stitch.


There's also the Hanapepe Swinging Bridge...


...and Talk Story Bookstore, the country's western-most independent bookstore.


The sun came out just in time for us to check out Waimea Canyon State Park. Jaws dropped. It reminded me a lot of The Grand Canyon, where Abe and I were engaged almost 15 years ago.