I Ate ALL the Facebook Office Snacks

Hello from New York City!  I'm in town to shoot Unique Sweets Season 7 for Cooking Channel (!!!!) and hang out with my mom on the anniversary of my father's death.  But I'm also here to do work at the Facebook Office in my teeny tiny desk.


Nah, I was really there to do a Facebook Live video with them.  When I went to the Facebook Office in Menlo Park five years ago, I remembered being impressed by all their snacks.  I asked if we could do a taste test in the New York City office, and boy did they deliver!

They wheeled in their entire snack stations into the studio!  I tried everything from Naan Chips to Salt and Vinegar Fries.  I even hacked a couple snacks.


You can watch the whole video here.  Next time, I'm going to raid the cafeteria!