How I Started Working Out Again

So I joined a gym.


And not just any gym - Equinox - like the most expensive gym.

Now if we are friends, or you have been reading this blog for a long time, you are confused. Because you know I don't like to move or sweat or do anything to elevate my heart rate. But the truth is, I've been scared to get back in shape. I used to go to the gym religiously, back when I had my eating disorder. And I was afraid of being immersed in that world again - the one where EVERYTHING is about the body.

I actually joined a gym a few years ago and went about 8x the whole year. It was easy to push it off - it was only $40/month. Equinox costs more than 4x that.

So anyway, I first started thinking about exercising regularly this summer, after I walked all around NYC (5-6 miles a day) and felt great. I looked into classes, doing something online - and then I got a mailing from Equinox saying they're waiving their $300 initiation fee right now. I went in, talked to their very friendly people, explained my history and great great fear - then tried not to look totally uncool when they told me how much things were going to cost.

Honestly, I didn't think I would sign up. How awesome could a gym be? They gave me free pass to try it out. And three days later, I was hooked. I can watch Netflix and Hulu on their treadmills. Their classes are taught by the top instructors - though I admit I don't know if I have the balls to take one other than yoga. The place is CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN. Maybe it's their free organic tampons or their eucalyptus scented wet towels or the gorgeous showers - all I know is, I've been waking up at 6am every single day without an alarm clock and I am actually going to the gym.

Of course, this is only week 1. I might not go again the next 360 days but I don't think I could handle wasting that kind of $$$.

Do you go to an expensive gym? Do I sound crazy? Is this like I'm learning to drive in a Porsche?

P.S. This is 100% not an ad for Equinox - they are giving me no discounts for blogging about this. But if you do ever sign up and don't already have a friend who's a member, I'd appreciate if you used me as your referral (they'd give me $150 credit!)

P.P.S. I'm in Shape Magazine! No not because I've been exercising for 4 days.

I'm Addicted to Diet Soda

Even as I type those words, my heart rate is elevating.  I am full on addicted to Diet Soda and the idea of quitting feels overwhelming. I haven't been hiding the fact that I drink Diet Soda all these years.  When I was blogging about everything I ate, a can or bottle occasionally popped up in pictures.  Sometimes I would hear from readers (or actual people around me) - Seriously?!?  With everything you know about health/the food industry, how can you drink that stuff?

Diet Soda is my friend.  It helped me get over my binge eating disorder.  I use it, along with my after-meal candies (which I still eat, by the way) to signal my body it is time to stop.  When I first began blogging seven years ago, it was maybe a can a day.  But as food became more and more of a job, and I have less and less of a say over what I am able to consume, I feel the need to control things.  Somehow, it is a lot easier not to wolf down everything a chef would place in front of me if I am armed with a full glass of Diet Coke, with ice, and a straw.

So I begin hiding my addiction more and more.  I mean, not totally.  Abe knows about it, my friends and family know about it.  None of them judged me.  But I know it is a real issue when I felt like I can't go on vacation without stocking up on it first thing, or I need to carry a bottle with me everywhere I go.  I try to quit numerous times.  Replacing it with our SodaStream, doctoring it up with some lemon juice.  But that isn't sweet enough.  I try a lot of Zevia (one of the first products Christy Meyers and I ever blogged about) but that is so much more expensive. Regular Diet Soda is always on sale.  When you're drinking 4-5 cans a day, it adds up.

I formed a relationship with Health Ade Kombucha after I went to Vegan Beer Fest and made my little SCOBY video.  They offer to send me a case (FYI they are not sponsoring this post) and I accept.  Because I am thinking this might be a good opportunity to try quitting again.  Kombucha is even MORE expensive than Zevia, and it comes in less-portable/breakable glass bottles.


Now with all these fun flavors sitting in my fridge, I feel like I have an army willing to do battle with me.  At least for a few weeks.  Wish me luck.