She's Having a Baby

Life is full, isn’t it. Full of joy. Full of hope. Full of madness and sadness, then clarity and meaning.

My dear friends Sam and John (who I’ve known for over two decades) recently gave birth to the most perfect little girl. We threw them a little shower to celebrate, at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants, Woon.

(Not my baby in there.)

(Not my baby in there.)


Most of my life I thought I’d be a mom, until the years I realized I wouldn’t. Because of that decision, I made it a point to take advantage of my freedom and my resources. Instead of a human, I made a movie. And yesterday, we finally finished “I Will Make You Mine."


After we were done with our color grading session at Neptune Post, it felt so surreal. For two years, this story has been in my head and my heart. The amount of people and energy and dollars it took to get to this point are beyond what I imagined I’d be capable of. But now we’re done. I don’t know when/where my movie will be introduced to the world, or how people will experience it - that’s out of my control now. My role crafting it is done.

The only thing I wanted to do - the only thing that made sense to me - was to go and be with my new goddaughter.


Holding her tiny body against mine, I was able to feel how fragile and momentous everything is. Creating something from nothing can only come from a place of love, and that is life.