Road Trip: Paso Robles to Big Sur

We were up bright and early in Paso Robles. Abe always wants coffee wherever we go, and this place Spearhead Coffee pretty much reminded me of Go Get Em Tiger, La Colombe, and every other cafe in LA these days. Really good coffee + a very limited selection of baked goods.


We stopped in Monterey for lunch, where I got a turkey sandwich from The Morning Dove, a 100% gluten-free cafe. The bread is homemade and I was content, but you can definitely tell it's not made of wheat. Which I'm used to by now, but Abe isn't. (He got a huge burrito from the Mexican place next door.)

I'm not sure if this is the Big Little Lies bridge, but Abe was impressed with the view. I didn't exactly see it myself.


Woke up in Big Sur with a little time to kill before our hotel check-in. We heard The Henry Miller Memorial Library was cool, and I'm so glad we stopped by. It's hard to describe this bookstore -listening to a kid in Adidas slide sandals play experimental piano music while peeing in a toilet next to some old typewriters - you kind of just have to be there to experience it.


We've driven through Big Sur a number of times, but this was our first time really exploring it and staying overnight. We chose The Glen Oaks Big Sur - luxury lodging smack dab in the forest. A splurge, but totally worth it. I was so excited by the fire pit outside that I forgot to snap a picture of our tiny cabin. (You can see it on my InstaStory highlight, though.)


We built a fire, ate fancy s'mores (just the marshmallow part for me), read a philosophical book about life we bought at the memorial library, and talked until dark.


(It's hard to look at these photos while we're in the midst of a major heat wave in LA.)


In the morning we took a little walk through the hotel property's trees, trails, and chairs in the river to Big Sur Roadhouse for breakfast.


With our stay, we got free donuts and coffee but I wound up with some gluten-free Avocado Toast with a poached egg.


We also stopped by the Big Sur Bakery before heading on to the last leg of the road trip left to recap - Cambria!