Blazin in Britney

This is one of my favorite looks - a blazer over jeans with a T-shirt underneath. Completely influenced by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman - you know, the fire escape scene at the end?


Instead of a plain white tee, I'm rocking this Britney Spears shirt I found in the men's section at Target. Excuse me, I just wrote that as if I stumbled upon it. I 100% went on a special trip to the store to buy it. Abe just got back from a Brother Orange reunion in China and his buddy Matt (Britney's #1 fan) was rocking this in every picture. I promise to share it with Abe.

The blazer is by Kooples - roll up the sleeves and there's a fun polka dot surprise underneath. I borrowed it from Rent the Runway. I'm trying out their Unlimited Subscription since I'm speaking at GOOD, a wellness festival, early February and needed a cute outfit. So far, I love it - for $159 you get any 4 pieces you want at a time - and if you sign up via this link - both you and I will get $30 off! The only thing is I get a bit impatient waiting for new items to ship (it takes an average of 5 days) but I will say, feeling pressured to wear really nice stuff makes me go out and do things more than lounging around in my yoga pants.