Christmas 2017

Yesterday was my birthday and it was perfect.


Whenever we're in LA on X-mas Eve, Abe and I like to drive to places that we usually avoid because of traffic and crowds. I've been wanting to visit Malibu Farm Cafe for a while, which is located at the end of the pier. Yesterday we got delicious matching vegan salads and enjoyed the view.


Abe surprised me with some treats from Rising Hearts Bakery, which is entirely gluten-free, vegan, and kosher. A yummy cookie sandwich (above) and some gingerbread cookie dough that we studded with vegan/gluten-free chocolate chips and baked off this morning for a potluck party tonight.


We've also been going to the theater a lot with our Movie Pass - Call Me By Your Name and Downsizing were both wonderful.


Our Hawaii trip was our gift to one another, but Abe still got me something to open up - this old skool (but newly released) Polaroid camera. I plan on documenting 2018 highlights and framing it all at the end of the year.


Happy Holidays!