Flower Child's Mother Earth Bowl Recipe

This meal and recipe are provided by Flower Child.

So I found out recently I tested positive for one of the celiac genes, which explains why I've been so sensitive to gluten the last few months. I'm still figuring out what this means, plus the rest of my food allergies - my doctor has instructed me to eliminate soy, dairy, eggs, and corn for 30 days (Thanksgiving should be interesting). Eating out has been a challenge, needless to say, but I've found one place on the Westside that has lots of options for those with a ton of dietary restrictions, like me: Flower Child.


There are so many places to sit and feel inspired!


I met up with my blog buddy Luci Petlak for some lunch. We both ordered Mother Earth Bowls, which I can't stop thinking about! I got mine with brown rice, and butternut squash instead of sweet potatoes (which I'm allergic to 🙄).


We also got a side of brussels sprouts, some green juice, and a brownie. All of their desserts are gluten-free!


Check out the recipe, plus a little video below!

Mother Earth Bowl

Mother Earth Bowl Ingredients

  • 6 ounces Super Grain Mix: red quinoa, farro, and barley, cooked and tossed.

  • 2 ounces sweet potatoes, roasted

  • 2 1/2 ounces Portobello Mushroom, roasted

  • ½ ounces Arugula

  • 1 teaspoon daikon sprouts

  • 1 teaspoon rice wine vinaigrette

  • 1 tablespoon broccoli pesto*

  • 1 tablespoon red pepper miso marmalade*

  • 2 tablespoons cucumber relish*

  • ¼ avocado, fanned

  • 1 teaspoon hemp seeds

Broccoli Pesto Ingredients

  • 1 cup broccoli, blanched

  • 4 ½ tablespoons black kale, blanched

  • 2 ¼ tablespoons roasted salted pistachio

  • 1 1/3 tablespoons spinach

  • 1 teaspoon garlic

  • 1 teaspoon mint leaves

  • 1 ¼ teaspoons lemon zest

  • 1 teaspoon Kosher salt

  • ¼ tablespoon fresh ground black pepper

  • 1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil

  • 2 tablespoons water

Red Pepper Miso Marmalade Ingredients

  • ½ cup peppadew peppers, rough chopped

  • 1 teaspoon garlic, rough chopped

  • 2 teaspoons ginger, peeled & rough chopped

  • 1 1/3 tablespoons miso paste

  • 1 ½ tablespoons seasoned rice wine vinegar

  • 3 teaspoons tamari

  • 3 teaspoons grapeseed oil

  • 1 ½ tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

Cucumber Relish Ingredients

  • 1 cup cucumbers, peeled, seeds removed, and ¼ dice

  • 2 tablespoons. seasoned rice wine vinegar

  • 1 teaspoon evaporated cane sugar

  • 2 teaspoon sesame chili oil

  • 1 teaspoon toasted sesame seeds

  • ½ teaspoon mint leaves, minced

  • ¼ teaspoon Kosher salt


Broccoli Pesto Directions

  • Combine all ingredients and blend until smooth and emulsified.

Red Pepper Miso Marmalade Directions

  • Combine all ingredients and blend until smooth and emulsified.

  • Cucumber Relish Directions

  • Combine all ingredients and mix until incorporated.

Mother Earth Bowl Directions

  • Roast sweet potatoes and Portobello mushrooms and set aside.

  • To prepare dish, toss arugula with sprouts and vinaigrette, then spoon Super Grain mix in the center of the bowl.

  • Place sweet potatoes on top, next to Portobello.

  • Place arugula next to mushrooms and cucumber salad next to arugula.

  • Top with pesto, marmalade, and avocado across the center of the dish.

  • Finish with hemp seeds.