The Museum of Ice Cream

When The Museum of Ice Cream first opened up I was intrigued. But not enough to buy a ticket right away. That was stupid. It became like the hottest ticket in town for months. So when they extended their stay in Los Angeles, I set my alarm and waited an hour online to buy tickets. As I paid the $30 non-refundable, non-transferable price tag, I immediately questioned my decision. Months passed. As I saw more and more photos people hanging out in the same rooms full of bananas, all of them taking the same picture - lounging in the sprinkle pool - I started becoming worried that it wouldn't be worth it. So did Abe. All our plans revolved around this weekend - "Oh we can't do that, because we have to go to the Museum of Ice Cream." I even had to leave my acting class two hours early because of it.

Abe decided he did not want to go last-minute. I didn't want to force him, so I asked Melanie Maras to be my guest instead. We made a video below.


Each room has "art" that kind of reminds me of a glorified Dylan's Candy Store. The place is crowded, with lines to take photos. The people who work there are REALLY HAPPY and they make you dance, come up with team names, clap loudly, and shout in order to pass through.


I will admit, The Sprinkle Pool was cool. But we were barely in there before they chased us out. It also smelled like feet, but I felt I needed to take advantage of my well-earned photo op.


I wish I had gone when it first opened, when tickets were cheaper, before it was overhyped. I feel so basic.