Gluten-Free NYC

I'm home! I can't tell you how good it feels to be reunited with Abe and Julius. And to have a kitchen again! When I was living in NYC all month, I discovered just how sensitive my gluten allergy is - VERY. My room at The Box House Hotel in Greenpoint, Brooklyn did have a fridge, but mostly I had been eating out at places that had no chance of cross-contamination. Most of my research was done on Yelp, searching the reviews for words like "celiac" and "gluten" but I also asked friends, and called the places first, to make sure they sounded confident about handling the situation.

Even with all of that, there were days when I still felt the symptoms - usually after I ate at a place that isn't 100% gluten-free.  Here are places I could mark as "safe."


Hu Kitchen - I ate at their Union Square location more than any place else, because it's centrally located, 100% gluten-free, and I could easily grab things to stay or to go. Also, everything I tried was delicious! They have ready-made deli salads, custom smoothies, hot meals, and even a chia seed pudding bar. Everyone said to try their chocolate; sadly I never got around to it - but I can say that I can't stop thinking about their breakfast burrito (above).

Wild Brooklyn- I blogged about this place recently; they have pizza classes too!

Franco's Metro - Technically,this place is in NJ but I had to mention it since it's the only place near my mom's apartment in Fort Lee that has gluten-free options. They were really great about customizing a dish for me that was also free of mustard (which I also recently found out I'm allergic to - SHEESH).


Westville - We went to the Chelsea location where the server was careful to note my allergies and walk me through the menu. I had a delightful salmon salad (above) while my date Abbie chose from their prepared sides. The space is really cute - I feel like if I lived nearby, I'd be a local.

Springbone Kitchen - After I watched an entire tree branch fall on a bench full of people just feet away from me in Washington Square Park (I'm not joking) I got up and left and walked right into this cute little spot. They specialize in bone broths and are 100% gluten-free - I wound up getting a salad. It's also just up the street from Senza Gluten, which came highly recommended but I didn't want to eat alone after that near-death experience.

Jungle Cafe - This place was within walking distance of my hotel. The night we went, I was having a reunion with some friends from college I hadn't seen in decades. In the back there was a vegan meetup, so people kept coming up to our table to ask if we were the meetup. Finally, when some guy asked if he could sit with us, I had to tell him, "Sorry" and was later told by someone else that he was the owner. Oops. They have a buffet filled with vegan/gluten-free options - I opted for the Macro Bowl (below) and it was delicious. There was some confusion about how to pay; it really made me feel like I was back at Wesleyan again.


The Little Beet - I often brought my own lunch to set since I got sick eating from catering the first few days. This place is 100% gluten-free and has various locations, so I'd often stop by the day before I was shooting to pick up a local, seasonal meal. I can see this concept doing really well in Los Angeles.


That's all for the food - here's a little video I made during my last day on set!