The Museum of the Moving Image

When I lived in New York City, The Museum of the Moving Image was one of my favorite museums. It still is. And now that they have a Jim Henson exhibit, it's moved straight to the top.


I don't know if I relate more to Cookie Monster or Miss Piggy...


...probably the latter - because I'm now gluten-free, and I did get married to The Muppets Take Manhattan.


When I lived in Astoria, we had a membership. I would walk 20 minutes to the museum to watch a movie and play these video games about once a month.


The space has definitely been museum-ified. By which I mean 12 years ago, it looked like a regular building with really cool stuff, but now everything - the stairwell, the exterior, and the cafe - all look like any other museum in Manhattan.


A lot of my old favorite exhibits are still there (RIP Seinfeld Diner) - including the ADR booth where I actually learned what ADR was, before doing it for real once I moved to Hollywood.


The Museum of the Moving Image: 36-01 35 Ave, Astoria, NY 11106