New York Minute

Hello from New York City! Here I am with the film family for "Mike, Mike Tan" - Kenny Leu, Fiona Fu, and Tzi Ma <---- this is the second time I'm playing his daughter.


Dinner at Milk and Roses in Brooklyn (above), midday snack at Big Gay Ice Cream...


...where they have gluten-free cones!

I've had a couple days off and explored my old neighborhood of Astoria, Queens. I stopped by the old apartment building to say hi to the super - he introduced me to a woman who was entering, and when I told her I had lived there a dozen years ago, we discovered she lived in the same exact apartment. What are the chances?!?

Stopped by my old pizza joint, Sac's. I can't eat their marinara pie anymore but they said to come back for gluten-free pasta!


More Memory Lane - I caught a matinee of Miss Saigon (rush tickets are $50). I was obsessed with this musical as a teenager; I sat in a row by myself during the second act, sang along quietly, and sobbed my eyes out.


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