Weekend Trip to Solvang

I first heard about Solvang, CA from the movie "Sideways."  It's a village built by Danish-Americans in the early 1900's, plopped in the middle of Santa Barbara County with a lot of wine tasting.  Abe and I visited years ago, with Julius, on a hot summer day and didn't really do much other than stare at windmills.


This time we left the dog at home and stayed overnight (at the charming Landsby).  My favorite part was actually venturing outside the town to Buellton, for dinner at Industrial Eats.


This restaurant/butcher shop is full of action.  The menu is pretty limited to pizza, sandwiches, and some sides/salads.  A lot of the items were sold out when we arrived.  Abe raved about this pizza with tomato, mozzarella, and basil.  You can add an egg to any of them for $2.


Even though Industrial Eats offers a gluten-free crust, I went with a salad of Beets, Hummus, Citrus, and Lavash - plus some turkey on the side for extra protein.  It was an extraordinary dish - the only thing I was missing was a handful of arugula.


Afterwards we took a little impromptu drive to Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch.  The only thing you can see is the gate, but driving out there (in the middle of nowhere) while listening to "Man in the Mirror" was a kinda spiritual experience.