Dog-Friendly Santa Barbara

Happy National Pet Day!!!  Even though we went to Santa Barbara for our 20th Anniversary, we couldn't leave Julius behind.  It's getting more and more difficult to not be around him, especially in his old age.  Every moment with him is precious.  So our little getaway had to be dog-friendly.


There was plenty to see along State Street, with all of its lovely red roof tiles.  We walked past many stores, the old Arlington Theater (not for dogs) and the nicest CVS I've ever seen.  There is also a McConnell's Ice Cream along there, but since we have a few in Los Angeles, we skipped the mega long lines.


There are a couple of lovely parks to walk around - we witnessed many people taking wedding photos!  Our favorite was the Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden, on the corner of Santa Barbara and Arrellaga Streets.

But the main attraction for the weekend was The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, which the Santa Barbara Tourism Board was kind enough to supply free tickets to.  They have everything from poppies (I don't have the patience to fight the crowds to see the Super Bloom) to a redwood forest and desert plants.  It's an easy stroll through all the environments...


...and of course, Julius is allowed.


We also took him to explore the outside of the Old Mission; only service dogs are allowed inside.