Lao Tao Taiwanese Street Food

This meal is hosted.


Hi guys!  I am currently on queue trying to buy Bjork Tickets at Walt Disney Concert Hall.  Since I'm currently number 1338, I have some time and thought I'd put up a quick blog post.  I was in Vegas all weekend at Clexacon (basically the first lesbian Comic Con).  I left Abe behind and travelled with my Saving Face family, Michelle Krusiec and our director Alice Wu.  Even though Vegas has incredible food, I wasn't really interested.  It's all so expensive, not to mention the portions are so humongous (and I didn't have a fridge to keep leftovers).  I actually kept talking about this place in Downtown Los Angeles, Lao Tao Taiwanese Street Food with them - which is so much more my speed.

I visited on a rainy evening with Abe and my cousin Finny.  It's so low-key, the owner/chef David is the coolest dude, and the food is bangin.


Everything we tried - from the sweet potato fries to the Beef Noodle Soup and Oyster Omelet were top notch.  I didn't get to eat the latter two quintessentially Taiwanese dishes during my trip to Taiwan so I'm glad I get to experience it whenever I want at home.

Abe loves it so much he wants to celebrate his birthday there in a few weeks.  Here's a little video I made with Finn so you can check out more of the food.

P.S. I just waited an hour for tickets and it sold out!  Oh well.  Have a great week.