I Ate My First Krusty Burger

When people ask about my big brother Morgan, I always describe him as Bart Simpson.  I would be Lisa, except not as book smart.  He was the troublemaker, and I was the kid who never got in trouble.  And we fought a lot.  Except when we were in front of the television - then we got along fabulously.  We watched all the things together - including The Simpsons.  When cable first came along, you had to press buttons on a box to change the channel.  I can still remember what it felt like beneath my fingers, and if you pressed two buttons at once, you could hack into the paid stations like HBO.  It was our bond, the television.  Where mom and dad couldn't bother us and we could escape into other families' lives.


Now we are grown up.  And this trip to Universal Studios together is actually pretty healing.

Along with breakfast at Harry Potter World, we head into Springfield to check out Abe's work on The Simpsons Ride, plus lunch at Krusty Burger.  I get the veggie version, which comes with a pile of soggy crinkle cut fries.  Sadly. this is a very lackluster meal.  The veggie patty reminds me of the cafeteria food in college, and that is not a good thing.  However, the Lard Lad Donuts (in the video) are not only the best deal in Universal Studios Hollywood for $5, but also the most delicious.  More Springfield theme park food options below.  See if you can spot the Flaming Moe!