Birthday Pie Party Potluck

Birthday Pie > Cake

I am pretty low-key when it comes to parties and birthdays.  But this is a milestone year and I want to celebrate with friends.  Since I am actually born on December 24th, when nobody is free, I requested a gathering mid-month.  And since I am a freak about pie, I asked for no gifts, just pie.


Our cousins Mark and Jen were kind enough to host in their backyard.  We set up two long tables with tablecloths - one for drinks (La Croix and Cold Brew Coffee) and the other for pies!


Since this is a pie potluck, I leave everyone's interpretation to "pie" open.  Some people made homemade savory ones (Leslie Durso created a vegan pot pie with biscuit topping).  A lot of people bought them.  Sam Smith and John Newman brought the Mexican Chocolate one from The Pie Hole (above).  And there were several pies from House of Pies - like the Banana Cream, and Lemon Meringue below.


There were mini pies (from Whole Foods), a quiche (from Le Pain Quotidien) and lots of empanadas and hand pies...

pie-potluck-birthday-party-7.jpg's hard to pick a favorite; I still have half of Randall Park and Jae Suh's Chocolate Cream Pie (from Four 'n 20) in my fridge, keeping us pretty happy.


Mye Hoang and Dave Boyle's spaghetti meat pie wins for originality!  Honorable mention to Dawn McCoy for her Sour Cream Sour Apple Pie with a Buttermilk Maple Bacon Crust.


Pie is love.


P.S. It's really fun singing "Pie Time" to the tune of Kacey Musgrave's "High Time."

P.P.S. My horror film Dying to Kill is out on Hulu starting today!