Unique Sweets - My Cooking Channel Debut

Behind-the-Scenes of Cooking Channel's show, Unique Sweets.

I'm a contributor for Season 7 of Unique Sweets on Cooking Channel!  When we shot the episodes over the summer, I already had a serious sweet tooth.  But I must admit that even I found it challenging to eat this much sugar in two days.

Basically, we sample every single thing you see on the show, so that we can take notes and make comments on them.   That means each day it's about 10 dessert items.  And not just any desserts - the sweetest concoctions you could ever imagine, like these cotton candy marvels.

Cotton Candy Iced Tea, Ice Cream, and a Fruity Pebble Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich at Snow Monster

I would say the first day I was in absolute Heaven.  The next day was a lot more challenging, physically.


There are certain dishes that you have to eat on camera for b-roll, which means multiple bites from different angles.  When I was done for the day, all I wanted to eat was salty protein - I made do with beef jerky and a chicken salad.


Right after shooting my desire to eat sugar has seriously shifted from needing it every day to only once in a while.  I'm still a dessert enthusiast, but it's weird - now that it's become my job, it's - well, work!  If you don't have Cooking Channel, you can watch the full episodes after they air on their site.   So far I'm on Season 7 Episodes 1 and 2: Sweet Twists on American Classics and SoCal Sweets.  Follow me on social media for more updates!