Mr. Holmes Bakehouse - Los Angeles

This is a hosted media event.

Whenever I travel, I reach out to people on social media to find out where the best places to eat are.  Because everyone knows I have a raging sweet tooth, most of the suggestions are ice cream shops and bakeries.  The last time I'm in San Francisco, about a dozen people tell me I need to visit Mr. Holmes Bakehouse.

"What a peculiar name," I think.  I don't get a chance to visit, but it sticks in my head.  And sure enough, it continues to permeate my virtual world, even outside the Bay Area.

Lucky for me, I don't have to drive another 400 miles to experience Mr. Holmes because he (whoever he is) has come to Los Angeles!  And even luckier - I get an invite to the media preview party.  (FYI they sell out completely on opening day, within hours.  So be aware there may be long lines for a while.)


The bakery is known for their "cruffin" which is croissant meets muffin, with a jam/cream filling. Unfortunately they aren't serving them the evening I go, but we do get three pastries of our choice.  I don't pick anything chocolate (like this monkey bread) because I will be spending an hour and a half driving in the hot car.


I wind up with a Fruity Pebble cream-filled Donut, a savory Bacon Danish, and one of these Chocolate Bread Pudding Slices.


Combining forces with my friends Lily Diamond and Alana Kysar's selections to form an Instagram-worthy shot.


I am bringing my box to Book Club and sharing it with my buddies.  They are mind-blowingly delicious.  After one bite, my friend Rachelle Wood and I each rip that donut in half with our hands and tear through it like wild beasts.

Here's praying that this sign I recently spotted on Larchmont means a cruffin will be within walking distance of me someday.


Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is in Highland Park at 111 S Avenue 59 Los Angeles, CA 90042.