I'm Addicted to Diet Soda

Even as I type those words, my heart rate is elevating.  I am full on addicted to Diet Soda and the idea of quitting feels overwhelming. I haven't been hiding the fact that I drink Diet Soda all these years.  When I was blogging about everything I ate, a can or bottle occasionally popped up in pictures.  Sometimes I would hear from readers (or actual people around me) - Seriously?!?  With everything you know about health/the food industry, how can you drink that stuff?

Diet Soda is my friend.  It helped me get over my binge eating disorder.  I use it, along with my after-meal candies (which I still eat, by the way) to signal my body it is time to stop.  When I first began blogging seven years ago, it was maybe a can a day.  But as food became more and more of a job, and I have less and less of a say over what I am able to consume, I feel the need to control things.  Somehow, it is a lot easier not to wolf down everything a chef would place in front of me if I am armed with a full glass of Diet Coke, with ice, and a straw.

So I begin hiding my addiction more and more.  I mean, not totally.  Abe knows about it, my friends and family know about it.  None of them judged me.  But I know it is a real issue when I felt like I can't go on vacation without stocking up on it first thing, or I need to carry a bottle with me everywhere I go.  I try to quit numerous times.  Replacing it with our SodaStream, doctoring it up with some lemon juice.  But that isn't sweet enough.  I try a lot of Zevia (one of the first products Christy Meyers and I ever blogged about) but that is so much more expensive. Regular Diet Soda is always on sale.  When you're drinking 4-5 cans a day, it adds up.

I formed a relationship with Health Ade Kombucha after I went to Vegan Beer Fest and made my little SCOBY video.  They offer to send me a case (FYI they are not sponsoring this post) and I accept.  Because I am thinking this might be a good opportunity to try quitting again.  Kombucha is even MORE expensive than Zevia, and it comes in less-portable/breakable glass bottles.


Now with all these fun flavors sitting in my fridge, I feel like I have an army willing to do battle with me.  At least for a few weeks.  Wish me luck.