Big G's Deli in Winslow, Maine

Most things I thought were amazing as a kid haven't really held up as an adult.  I'm constantly buying my nieces/nephews toys that I loved growing up, and feel like I'm always disappointed (even though they're not).  Commercials I thought were brilliant - I'll search for them on YouTube and realize I was an idiot.  But this breakfast sandwich.…I mean, I guess I wasn't a small child when I first became obsessed with it.  It was almost 20 years ago that I first sunk my teeth into the bread at Big G's Deli in Maine and fell in love.  During our recent trip there I brought Abe, and we couldn't stop talking about this food, even days later.


First, there's the potato cake perfection - perfectly golden and seasoned.  Not too oily or greasy. They bring ordinary ketchup to another level.  And the breakfast sandwich is just grilled bread with eggs - no cheese or meat.  I'm sure the addition of both would've sent me into the stratosphere but we were going to be sitting in a car/plane for 9-10 hours; I made the executive decision to show some restraint.