Heidelberg Restaurant

A little history for new readers - I grew up in NJ (where I'm visiting my folks this week) - right across the George Washington Bridge. I also lived in Astoria, Queens for seven years.  Now that I call Los Angeles my home, it's always bittersweet to go back to NYC, since things are constantly changing.  Dinner last night was at Heidelberg Restaurant, a German place my Mom saw on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations.  I had no idea she was even an Anthony Bourdain fan!


Heidelberg Restaurant kinda feels like stepping into an attraction at Epcot - circa 1985 - especially with all the servers in lederhosen and dirndls.


This was my first time seeing my cousin Stephanie since we were little itty bitties! She has grown up to be quite the lovely woman, both inside and out.


The bread basket, overflowing with all sorts of selections.


A taste of each. Not a butter fan, so it's pretty dry, but I was hungry so I ate it all.


My folks were the only ones to drink alcohol.  Big glass steins of beer.   I think this isn't even the "large" size?


For the four of us, we ordered 3 main entrees and one side dish to share. My mom keeps talking about the Pig Knuckles that Anthony Bourdain tried.  But when I order the "Eisben" the waitress informs me we probably wanted the Schweineshaxe. Danke!

The tray she brought out is so impressive we all oohed and ahhhed.


Also with the Roasted Pork Shank and Smoked Bratwurst comes cabbage and potato dishes galore.


My favorite was the potato pancakes with applesauce - perfectly fried, thick, and chewy.


Tons of German mustard, duh.


I heart Heidelberg! None of us are especially impressed with the Bratwurst, which was a bit tough (my folks have issues with the pork too).  But I thought everything else was delicious. The environment is unique and I like the Andes chocolate mints that came with the check.

Thanks Mom and Dad for a fun dinner!