Cafe du Village - Larchmont Village

We have been regulars at Cafe du Village since moving to Los Angeles four years ago. Two summers ago we actually had brunch here with Robert Pattinson (from Twilight).  Okay, so we didn't actually eat "with" him, but we sat next to him, and as you can see, the tables are very close together.


Picture Robert where Abe is now (except much paler) and I was in the empty chair next to him. I know inquiring minds want to know - we ended up having a 10-minute conversation with him, having just seen him the night before in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. He was very nice, and seemed to be genuinely happy to be recognized by someone over the age of 13. Of course, this was all before the paparazzi madness that is currently his life.

Today, Julius, Abe, and I have the entire front seating area to ourselves, since it is a little cold (for Los Angeles).

I order their excellent Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito, with egg whites and no cheese.  Abe gets the 7 Grain Pancakes.  We split our dishes. I eat the savory stuff first and have the pancake with some maple syrup drizzled on top for dessert.


If you want to enjoy the same deliciousness that Abe and I (and Robert) get to experience, you should hurry because sadly, time is running out for our beloved Cafe du Village.


We are planning to go as often as we can to support them.