She's Having a Baby

Life is full, isn’t it. Full of joy. Full of hope. Full of madness and sadness, then clarity and meaning.

My dear friends Sam and John (who I’ve known for over two decades) recently gave birth to the most perfect little girl. We threw them a little shower to celebrate, at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants, Woon.

(Not my baby in there.)

(Not my baby in there.)


Most of my life I thought I’d be a mom, until the years I realized I wouldn’t. Because of that decision, I made it a point to take advantage of my freedom and my resources. Instead of a human, I made a movie. And yesterday, we finally finished “I Will Make You Mine."


After we were done with our color grading session at Neptune Post, it felt so surreal. For two years, this story has been in my head and my heart. The amount of people and energy and dollars it took to get to this point are beyond what I imagined I’d be capable of. But now we’re done. I don’t know when/where my movie will be introduced to the world, or how people will experience it - that’s out of my control now. My role crafting it is done.

The only thing I wanted to do - the only thing that made sense to me - was to go and be with my new goddaughter.


Holding her tiny body against mine, I was able to feel how fragile and momentous everything is. Creating something from nothing can only come from a place of love, and that is life.

TWA Hotel

I’m currently on a flight from JFK back to LAX. A Keeping Up With the Kardashians marathon is on both E! AND Bravo (airplanes are the only time I allow myself to watch it). Abe and I just took a really quick trip to the city we used to call home, for the NYC premiere of Go Back to China. Originally I wasn’t going to go, but I really wanted to see it with my family. Even though I’ve been in dozens of films, this is only the second time I’ve been able to sit next to my Mom in a theater while my face is on the big screen. The first time was with 2005’s Saving Face.

Saving Face Airport JFK BTS.jpg

We filmed a pivotal scene in that movie in the old TWA Terminal - now, 15 years later - it is a hotel.

Next time I’d like to stay in one of their rooms, but just walking around was worth the trip.

We had a late lunch at Paris Cafe, a great way to wait for rush hour traffic to clear up.

Outside, there’s an old TWA plane that is also a cocktail lounge.

It was surreal being in the same place where I filmed my very first movie.


P.S. I’m wearing a “What Would Joan Chen Do” shirt (she plays “Ma” in the movie) by 17.21Women. DM them to order!

P.P.S. We visited another Saving Face location last night.

Pack and Play

The last few months have involved a lot of travel and work, but it’s been balanced out with a lot of play. We have taken “Go Back to China” from San Francisco to San Diego…

…I have loved getting to visit parts of the country I’ve never been to and meeting new audiences, like Bentonville, Arkansas and Oklahoma City.

Go Back to China Emily Ting Lynn Chen
deadCenter Film Festival

Next up is our NYC premiere in August - I’m going to try to make it but have to see where I’m at with post-production on “I Will Make You Mine.” And honestly most of my energy these days are spent appreciating the last few days I have left with my 15-year-old Jack Russell, Julius.

I have loved being able to share our lives with him all these years; thank you.


Stew-y Weather

I went to Chicago for the first time recently! It was a quick trip. I mean, quickity quick quick. Arrived on Friday late afternoon for the opening night screening of “Go Back to China” at FAAAIM. Then left the next morning just in time to celebrate my 16th wedding anniversary back with my husband Abe in LA. I did squeeze in a quick morning walk to play tourist, though.

Lynn Chen Chicago
Go Back to China Sloth

Speaking of celebrations, I recently threw a little dinner party in honor of Abe’s birthday. Drake on Cake!

Drake on Cake

I made “The Stew” - Alison Roman’s viral Coconut Chickpea Turmeric concoction. I’ve been meaning to make it for months, since I read about it in the NY Times.


Here’s a video of me cooking it. It’s been forever since I cooked, let alone filmed myself doing it.

I’ve been super busy with acting work lately, and also editing my movie “I Will Make You Mine.” The latter has been a real test for my emotions. Did I rent a sweatsuit just so I’d feel psyched to keep going? Yes, yes I did.


Next up is a lot more travel - I’ll be going to San Diego this weekend, followed by Bentonville, AR and San Francisco for more “Go Back to China” film festivals. And we also have an LA Premiere as the Centerpiece Film at LAAPFF on May 4th - tickets just went on sale. I hope to see you there!

SXSW 2019 - Go Back to China

Less than a year ago I was in Asia shooting “Go Back to China” - this past weekend we had our world premiere at SXSW! This is my second time at the festival and it’s still one of my favorites. I got to be reunited with our cast/crew, though someone very important was missing - our writer/director Emily Ting, who is having twins.

Go Back to China SXSW 2019 (4).jpg

We had a full weekend of screenings, press, and sloths. I was thrilled to see some old friends who now live in Austin, too.

Go Back to China SXSW 2019.jpg

I didn’t get to eat as much as I did when I was in Austin for Thanksgiving, but I did get a little BBQ at the afterparty for “Olympic Dreams.”

could not stop eating this meat - la Barbecue

could not stop eating this meat - la Barbecue

“Go Back to China” continues to travel the festival circuit - I’ll be coming soon to Chicago and San Diego! Follow us @gobacktochinafilm and @mslynnchen for updates.